How to Plant a Tree

Steps for successful tree planting:-

  • Choose your spot carefully taking into account the eventual mature size of the tree.
  • Get advice on what type of tree you require. Consider the following:
    • Wind
    • Evergreen/Deciduous
    • Shape i.e. Canopy
    • Screening/Windbreak
  • Choose a healthy specimen:
    • Free of disease
    • Free of pests
  • Dig a square hole 1m x 1m and 1m deep.
  • Prepare a mixture of the excavated soil and well-rotted compost and backfill the mixture into the hole.
  • Dig a 70cm wide and 50cm deep hole in the centre of the prepared plant hole.  Add a cup of bonemeal to the soil in the bottom of the hole and mix well.
  • Fill the hole with water and check that the water drains away.
  • Gently remove the plastic bag from the root ball – if necessary, cut the sides of the bag without damaging the roots.
  • Immerse the roots in half a bucket of water for 10 minutes.
  • After soaking the roots, carefully move your fingers underneath the root ball so that some of the roots become loose. Do not damage the roots.
  • Position the tree at the correct depth (trunk level must be the same as it was in the bag) in the centre of the now drained hole and fill the hole with the prepared soil mixture.
  • Compact soil slightly to prevent air pockets.
  • Stake the tree if necessary.
  • Create a dam around the stem of the tree or shrub about 1 metre wide for watering.
  • Add mulch.

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