Howling South Easter

A strong South Easter is a common occurance in the Far South. Wind resistant shrubs are a must for any garden. A wide range of wind resistant plants can be found in the garden centre including the following selected plants.

Agathosma capensis
Height    50cm
Width    40cm
Exposure    Full sun

A neat small shrub with scented foliage. Their small, dainty white flowers attract many bees and butterflies to the garden. Indigenous to the slopes of the Cape it enjoys well mulched soil with an organic 3:1:5 Slow Release fertiliser every 3-4 months. Plant in a sunny position as well as in well drained soil to accomplish best results.

Aloe maculata
Height    50cm
Width    50cm
Exposure    Full sun

Grown for its blotchy/speckled leaves this Aloe is a great addition to a rockery or succulent bed in the garden. Often grown in pots, it makes for a great display when its bloom spikes out from the central growth point. The flowers, dark red/reddish yellow, add a flavour of colour to the garden through the cooler dull months of the year. Also a great plant for bird gardens as birds are attracted to the nectar of its beautiful flower. Feed yearly with kraal manure or similar feed for a healthy plant and a successful floral display. Avoid overwatering!

Erica baueri *Pink
Height    1m
Width    80cm
Exposure    Full sun

An excellent cut flower plant that will be able to withstand the harsh, windy conditions of the Cape. The flowers are pink tubes long lasting throughout the flowering season. To accomplish best results water regularly and mulch every 5-6 months. Feed with an organic fertiliser for example Bounce Back. Do not fiddle with the roots of this plant as this may lead to stunted growth or complete loss of the plant!

Helichrysum petiolare
Height    30cm
Width    1m
Exposure    Full sun

Often used in dry flower arrangements this hardy groundcover does well in any garden. Its fluffy grey leaves are great for creating contrast in the garden. Its scented leaves and puffy cream flowers will add extra excitement to any ordinary garden. To ensure healthy growth deadhead flowers and avoid watering on the leaves. Feed with rich compost every 6 months or any organic fertiliser.

Rhus crenata
Height    2-2,5m
Width    2m
Exposure    Sun, Semi-shade

An evergreen shrub perfect for a hedge/screen or wind barrier in the garden. Its attractive glossy foliage and small red-black berries is an asset to any bird garden. Clip to shape as wished for the more formal garden or allow it bush out freely for a more informal garden. It grows well in semi-shade to full sun and regular watering. For best results feed 2:3:2 organic or chemical fertilisers throughout the year to establish a greener, stronger plant.

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