Waterwise Gardening

Some useful tips to make your garden more waterwise:

1) Choose indigenous, drought tolerant, disease resistant plants where possible.

2) Declare war on weeds as they complete with plants for water.

3) When laying out new beds, group plants according to their water requirements.

4) Water and fertilise plants only when needed because this promotes strong root systems. Too much water results in weak growth and increases the need for pruning.

5) Plant low-maintenance perennial herbs e.g. rosemary, thyme, lavender, sage and lemon grass.

6) Plant grasses like Cape restios (Elegia spp).

7) Condition your beds with compost. Soil that is rich in organic material retains water longer.

8) Use plenty of mulch.

9) Plant sun-loving thirsty plants in east facing beds where they will get morning sun and will stay moist for longer.

10) Water trees and large shrubs directly by installing a pipe that runs through the soil and down to the roots.

11) Build up the edge of garden beds to prevent water run-off.

12) Make sure your garden is benefiting from rainwater by channelling the water from drives and paved areas into the garden beds.

13) When planting add water absorbent granules.

14) Create windbreaks with plants to conserve water in windy areas.

Plants suitable for water-wise Gardens.

Herbaceous perennials
Anchusa capensis
Arctotis sp
Artemesia afra
Asparagus densiflorus
Asystasia gangetica
Cineraria saxifraga
Cliffortia ferriginea
Dymondia margaretae
Felicia aethiopica
Felicia echinata
Gazania spp
Geranium incanum
Helichrysum argyrophyllum
Helichrysum cymosum
Hermannia pinnata
Hypoestes aristata
Leonotus leonorus
Pelargonium betulinum
Pelargonium cucullatum
Pelargonium peltatum
Pelargonium suburbanum
Pelargonium tetragonium
Pelargonium tomentosum
Plectranthus fruticosum “James”
Plectranthus neochilus
Scabiosa incisa
Scabiosa africanaShrubs
Acmadenia heterophylla
Agathosma ovata
Agathosma serpyllacea
Barleria obtusa
Bauhinia galpini
Buddleja auriculata
Buddleja salviifolia
Carissa macrocarpa
Chrysanthemoides monilifera
Coleonema album
Erica baccans
Erica bauera
Erica versicolor
Erica verticillata
Eriocephalus africanus
Euryops pectinatus
Leucadendron salignum
Nylandtia spinosa
Phylica pubescens
Plumbago auriculata
Polygala myrtifolia
Protea repens
Rhus crenata
Rhus glauca
Salvia africana-caerula
Salvia africana-lutea
Salvia chameleagnea
Strelitzia reginea
Tecomaria capensis
Acacia karoo
Aloe barbarae
Brachylaena discolor
Celtis africana
Cussonia spicata
Dais cotinifolia
Diospyros whyteana
Erythrina caffra
Kiggelaria africana
Olea europaea subsp africana
Rhus pendulina
Sideroxylon inerme
Strelitzia nicolai
Syzigium guineense
Tarchonanthus trilobus
Trichelia emetica
Virgilia oroboides
Widdringtonia cedarbergensisBulbs
Agapanthus praecox
Aristea major
Babiana spp
Brunsvigia orientalis
Clivia miniata
Freesia alba
Gladiolus alatus
Haemanthus sanguineus
Kniphofia linearifolia
Lachenalia aloides
Ornithogalum thrysoides
Veltheimia bracteata
Watsonia borbonica

Chondropetalum tectorum
Thamnocortus insignis

Aloe arborescens
Aloe ferox
Aloe ciliaris
Aloe dichotoma
Aloe plicatilis
Aloe striata
Aloe tenior
Bulbine latifolia
Bulbine frutescens
Cotyledon orbiculata
Carpobrotus edulis
Crassula coccinea
Crassula multicava
Crassula ovata
Drosanthemum speciosum
Delospermum spp
Lampranthus spp
Portulacaria afra
Sanseviera pearsonii

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