Coastal Gardens

Try these plants in your coastal garden. All available at Harry Goemans Garden Centre.

Agathosma ciliaris
Height    40cm
Width    30cm
Exposure    Sun

Bearing fluffy white flowers during winter, this Buchu along with the others does great in scented gardens. Growing into a neat small shrub, it makes a beautiful show when planted in groups of three or five. It will tolerate pruning to encourage a more bushy growth. Treat with a regular organic feed every 10 to 12 weeks as well as mulching once to twice a year.

Barleria sp
Height    1m
Width    2m
Exposure    Sun to Semi-shade

An easy, fast growing groundcover that will bring colour to any coastal garden. Available in a range of eye-catching colours. In full flower these plants give a spectacular display. Tolerant of most soil conditions it is a first choice amongst gardeners to fill a big area quickly. To ensure a beautiful display during its flowering time in autumn feed with an organic or chemical 3:1:5 Slow Release fertilisers at the end of summer.

Chondropetalum tectorum
Height    2-2,5m
Width    2m
Exposure    Full sun

An excellent focal plant that is low maintenance. Requires a large space to spread, making it perfect for large gardens. Easy growing and requiring little watering, it does great along coastal gardens and used inwater wise planting. Feed with a Slow Release 2:3:2 or organic fertiliser to produce healthy plants

Rhoicissus digitata
Exposure    Sun or Shade

A fast growing climber great for pergolas. Bearing black berries this climber does well in a bird garden. Should a climber not be necessary it can suffice as a groundcover. Well drained, composted soil is recommended for this plant as well as an organic or chemical feed of 3:1:5 Slow Release fertilisers every 6-8 weeks of its growing season.

Salvia chamelaeagnea *Blue
Height    1,5m
Width    50cm
Exposure    Sun

Indigenous to the Western and Southern Cape all the way to the Karoo, this tall hardy Salvia is superb for any coastal garden. Their beautiful bright blue flower is inviting in the garden, complimented by its lush light-green leaves. Plant in a sunny position with regular watering it is bound to give a colourful display. Feeding before the flowering season, with organic or 3:1:5 Slow Release fertilisers, will support the plant to boost its growth and flowering. Once flowering has ended prune and mulch to prepare for the next season.

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